2020 Ford GT New Model Design

Tuesday, October 24th, 2017 - Ford
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2020 Ford GT. Some knowledge is certain that Ford will make a racing version of this 2018 Ford GT, which appears in 24 hours from Le Mans. This will not be the first time, after the great glory of the first model of 1960 with the legendary situation among the racing fans. This model will be better than the Ferrari and Aston Martin and certainly the new name in the car industry. The price is not available yet, the moment they appear we will let you know it. 2020 The new Ford GT is the car for those who want a cheaper car in this category but with new offers included ads. This means the V6 turbo engine is an average engine, the new and natural materials used in making it and some other improvements in design duration.

Perhaps the front is wide reminiscent of someone on the classic GT40 Ford, but the rest of the car is a modern and trendy car. Basically, the chassis is a true 2020 Ford GT look, with the Le Mans form is actually a rider model. The body shape looks like a taper from front to end of the car, where two exhaust systems are waiting, with rear fenders separated from the main fuselage. Thanks to Leidon, the Bushrod suspension, the 2020 Ford GT has something like a channel between the wheels and the body. The previous models (or it is better to say classic and known models) doors are hinge doors forward and are included in the ceiling, but this model is quite different from it.

Even so, it is still easy and available to access modern and business-like cabin. Expect modern interior advertising and innovative, but in 2020, Ford GT things are going even further. With a central color touch screen with Ford only input Sync 3 setup entertainment information, for example, driving in this car is more than fun. Each Ford car has a special and unique Ford Sync system that includes a lot of things, such as hands-free calls and changing commands without releasing the steering wheel while driving. There is also a pair of paddle shifters with a wheel-shaped circle. Add to that and the ventilation holes installed on the door will have your cabin image.

The 2020 Ford GT engine will have a turbocharged 3, 5 liter V6 ecoboost mid-mounted engine, which produces over 600 pounds of torque and sends power to the rear wheels with a seven-speed dual-clutch transaxle. And V6 direct dual fuel injection setting, improved throttle response and low friction valve valve train valve. It will have a 5, 4 liter V8 with 500 pounds torque thanks to 550 horsepower. The next revelation of GT, the Ford GT, will have at least eight cylinders and will fit for a smaller car. The new 458 turbo engine will be more competitive with other new engines and from 0 to 60 mph you will get 0, 3 seconds while its top speed will launch 205 mph.

The price of the 2020 Ford GT starts at $400,000 and is much lower than other cars in the same category. After 2018 Detroit Motor Show, when the new 2020 Ford GT shows, buyers are curious about it.

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