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Saturday, February 10th, 2018 - Chevrolet
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2019 Chevrolet 4500. As always, Chevrolet will face Ford trucks as a major competition. However, there are new cloud trucks on the way. These should also appear again in 2019. Since there is a connection with the Silverado Pickup, we can see more similarity than expected in the first thought. Some details have been available since confirmation of Chevrolet. On the other hand, more interesting details about the specs and the towing capacity will be announced later. The truck is one wide. People use it to describe (stop) the compact GMC all the way to the Alma carrier, a 130-tone monster responsible for moving intense antennas into the Atacama Desert.

Of course, among the two mentioned there is a huge space filled with all kinds of stuff. Pickups have grown so full size that they are able to meet pretty much all the owners they can desire, leaving heavy differences in the gray area between the endless appetites of regular and actual buyers using the hard trade of these trucks. However, with everything above, there is no confusion. When entering the medium truck world, the word pickup does not apply much anymore and only potential use of those is purely connected to the intended purpose. The cloud has been missing that game for some time now, but the return is inevitable.

First of all, we are sure whether the truck carries the Kodiak, but it seems like a reasonable choice. Here is a continuation of the above mentioned advances, but it is also here as the new chapter of Navistar International was separated after a mid-level Terstar truck two years ago. The new model will slot under category 4 and 5 of the medium-duty trucks, which run from 14,001 to 19,500 pounds, and along with the Chevrolet 4500 version we expect 5500 one-way. It is expected to collide with the Ford F-450 and the F-550, along with the 2019 Chevrolet 4500/5500 Ram models.

Since the next truck is not just something GM anymore, spy shots reveal a melting pot of design that hits both Chevy and International . With just a glance at it, we can see that the headlights are obviously Silverado inspired, while the grille is an international bargain. There are no spy shots from the cabin but as in Ford and Ram, the Chevy light truck can step as a base. That is, the appearance is less concerned for this type of game, so let us focus on the most important issue.

Obviously 2019 Chevrolet 4500 will have to make a huge and strong payment. Even if they are not formal, we are confident that Durramax will be there with its engines. The turbo diesel, located in some other models, will be strong enough to enhance the towing capacity and total capacity of Chevrolet 4500. With about 500 horses and more than 900 pounds of torque, this truck will be the monster. It will easily load more than 20,000 pounds into his bed, and probably much more. Some additional features can make it the most powerful truck in the world.

The entry-level models will come with a 4 x 2 setting, while the upper three finishes will have a 4 x 4 drive system available as default.The 2019 Chevrolet 4500 can take many features from smaller Silverado trucks. Beside 4 × 2 and 4 × 4 systems, the car will provide at least two cab configurations. Chevrolet 4500, or Silverado Chevrolet 4500, will come in regular and crew cab styles. A double cab is the third option Chevy offers for its trucks.

The truck is scheduled to be introduced for the first time next year in March, while the price expects the same area of ​​about $38K for a start, as it corresponds to the main competitors. GM was offering Chevy Kodiak and GMC medium trucks all the way from 80 to 2009. Near the end, after much negotiation with potential buyers, things did not workout in a positive way ever, the Detroit maker decided to close the whole process which also included Close production facilities. However, in 2015 one of the former potential buyers reached an agreement with GM and the joint venture was set. We refer to Navistar International, and after two years we are here to talk about spy shots 2019 Chevrolet 4500.

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